Wise beyond their years.

Flippin' Eyelids

Three brothers. Boundless youthful energy. Talent, hard work and dedication. A potent combination, and on a mission to save Rock n Roll. They put on a SHOW.

It started innocently enough with street corner busking and elementary school talent shows. This phenomenon called the Flippin’ Eyelids has progressed to an in demand professional cover band. Now they play 4 hour gigs at bars and restaurants, headline civic events and share the stage with national acts. Their command of the stage and their excitement is infectious. Get in on the party. Check out their mix of Modern Music, Classic Rock, Oldies and Dance tunes. They know over 120 songs and always get the people up and dancing, singing along, pounding the tables and having fun.

Sam, Eli and Ray Guzzone are well on their way to their 10,000 hours. They’ve been playing music together since 2011. Eleven years and over 400 public performances later, they are Three Brothers that Rock!

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Some Love...

“The crowd loved Flippin’ Eyelids. Thank you guys very much for performing at Rocktoberfest again!”
Keith Grasso
Owner, Island Music Company and Founder of Rocktoberfest La Plata
"The Flippin' Eyelids play 'Jenny' better than I do!"
Tommy Tutone
Rock Star
“The Flippin’ Eyelids Rock! The best in local entertainment. They have audiences saying “how old are they?” And quickly dancing and singing along to classic rock and modern music.”
Brandon Paulin
Mayor, Indian Head MD
"These boys are fire. Love watching them have a great time playing great songs"
Joe Barrick
Drummer and Road Manager, Sam Grow Band
Flippin’ Eyelids rocked the Town of La Plata Summer Concert! Enjoyed working with the guys.”
Colleen Wilson
Special Events Coordinator, La Plata MD

“My husband and I heard them in OC before we saw them, and turned back to go listen to concert. Could not believe it when we realized they were kids. Some of the most talented musicians we have ever heard! Amazing stage presence and singing in the voice of each performer. Catch them now because soon they will command top dollar.”

Valerie K (facebook)

“Great music.They make you want to dance.” Susan H (facebook)

“Excellent band, can listen to them all day.”   Jody K (facebook)

“Awesome band. Three young brothers who are more talented than many older, been together forever bands. These guys play a wide range of music and do it well. They cover bands that were playing well before their time. When you hear them, you will be blown away. Get to a show, your guaranteed to be amazed.”

Karen B (facebook)

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